The Community Foundation of Carroll County (CFCC) is a charitable public foundation, established by community stakeholders throughout Carroll County, Iowa.

Grow Greene County Partnership

Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation (“GGCGC”) is the qualified sponsoring organization for the Wild Rose Casino in Jefferson, IA.  The GGCGC donates a portion of the profits it receives from the Wild Rose Casino to its neighboring, contiguous counties, including Carroll County. The Community Foundation of Carroll County (“CFCC”) is grateful to the GGCGC and its partner, the Wild Rose Casino, for its dedication to improving the lives of the citizens in the surrounding communities. 

The CFCC received its first distribution from the GGCGC in 2016 and the recipient that year was the Animal Rescue of Carroll, Inc. Click on the Grant Recipients for the list Grow Greene grant recipients by year, amounts awarded, and a brief description of the purpose for which the award will be used.

Grant Applications for Grow Greene County

The grant application criteria and process used by the CFCC for the GGCGC grants is the same as that used for the County Endowment grants awards. Grant applications are to be made online, at the link above. The deadline for a grant application is on or before November 30th. Grants will be awarded after the first of the year.